Digital communications for pharma companies

We help pharmaceutical companies to reap the benefits of modern technology and new media.

Digital marketing tools

Digital campaigns are a response to the growing penetration of the Internet and options of electronic communication. In the area of prescription drugs marketing, we specialize in digital communication with physicians. We create and cultivate digital tools for communication between pharmaceutical companies and physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Our advantage is long-term intensive communication with the target group and knowledge of the legal environment for marketing medicinal products.

Digital Communications

We design, create and cultivate the digital tools for communication between pharmaceutical companies and physicians or other healthcare professionals. Whether designing eLearning, eDetailing, newsletters, iPad solutions and presentations, mobile applications, websites or emailing we do it for all – computers, tablets and smart phones.

Creative medical marketing

We have already designed and implemented 75 digital campaigns for clients from pharma companies. Campaigns mainly communicate the topic of prescription drugs. We pride ourselves on the creativity of our designs. Campaign content is optimized for digital tools and communication, whether tablets, mobile phones or personal computers.

Digital production

We translate presentations into digital form. In addition, we specialize in programming FLASH, HTML programming, editing for platforms of VEEVA, Agnitio, localization of presentations as needed and developing applications for iOS and Android.

A comprehensive education strategy

Top experts from different areas of health care and pharmacy, combined with a wide range of accredited educational formats – this is the basis of comprehensive training strategies that we prepare for pharmaceutical companies. It is based on analysis of knowledge needs in various professional groups and it responds to their outcome.

Electronic specials

We launched the EUNI DIA SPECIAL electronic educational project in 2009 under the auspices of the Czech Diabetes Association. This educational platform is regularly used by 90 percent of Czech diabetologists. We have successfully applied this type of project expanding implementation within Slovakia and Russia.

Educational campaigns

Almost 2,000 physicians from the Czech Republic are involved in the educational campaign for general practitioners. The aim of the campaign is to change ingrained treatments practitioners use. We use different types of educational activities, which, according to the results so far proven, contribute to this objective.

Milestones on our sixteen-year long journey
  • 1999

    Pears Health Cyber s.r.o. (LLC) was founded.

  • 1999

    The information portal about medicines was created.

  • 2002

    We created our first eDetailing.

  • 2003 turned into an e-shop, the first in Central Europe.

  • 2003 was created, a portal for general public on health.

  • 2003

    Our first educational project for pharmacists started with CLK (Czech Chamber of Pharmacists).

  • 2005

    We executed our first foreign project

  • 2006

    We founded the first online Medical University.

  • 2006

    We started an online pharmacy in Slovakia.

  • 2007

    We obtained an accreditation for continual medical education.

  • 2009

    Pears Media in Germany was founded.

  • 2010

    We entered the medical education market in Russia.

  • 2010

    We conducted the first PR campaign for our client.

  • 2011

    We opened a pharmacy in Albert in Svitavy.

  • 2011

    We started our first franchising units in Europe.

  • 2011

    We launched an information campaign for psoriasis patients.

  • 2012

    Video-bulletin from a diabetology congress in Berlin was produced.

  • 2012

    We expanded our network pick-up points of in CR.

  • 2012

    The first virtual advisory board on the inBoard platform.

  • 2012

    Electronic monthly bulletin for general practicioners was published.

  • 2012

    Harmonia network of pharmacies was formed and has been expanding rapidly.

  • 2012

    An information campaign to support spirometry was executed.

  • 2013

    First interactive seminar with live online video streaming was conducted.

  • 2013

    The first few mobile applications for patients was produced.

  • 2014

    Our company celebrated its fifteenth anniversary.

  • 2015

    A new R&D department was founded to support innovation of our solutions.

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