EUNI Dia special: We have obtained diabetologists for online education

Prague, Aug 21, 2013 Every second diabetologist in the Czech and Slovakia republic is receiving education interactively online, particularly on portal Euni Dia Special. As the biggest success in the five year existence of this portal is considered the fact that diabetologists take these courses at all. „Diabetologists in the Czech Republic are, in average, older and they don´t take the world of computers and internet as their everyday advantage.  We archived a significant change in this behavior and we are now providing 90% of their offices with modern form of education. That I consider as a huge success,“ says Vladimir Finsterle, owner of company Pears Health Cyber that runs the portal for the Czech and Slovakia diabetologists societies.

Portal Euni Dia Special is actively used by 600 diabetologists in CZ and about 180 in SK. Portal has ambitions not only to offer latest news in diabetology, new ways of treatment, latest studies with comments from professionals or foreign book reviews. It also adds presentations from the current congresses and keeps an eye on topics that medical professionals need to follow. “It is the fastest way of providing foreign medical information to the Czech diabetologists, who do not have a time to keep a track on this kind of information in their everyday routine. This portal will deliver this information almost immediately. I positively evaluate their interest in presentation recordings, video-interviews with the top Czech diabetologists as well as their interest in topics that are not directly connected with their practice but are connected with diabetology its self. The level of education on this portal is raising and at the end of its fifth year is approaching the level of similar foreign projects” says prof. Stepan Svacina, Head of 3. Department of Internal Medicine Clinic of Endocrinology and Metabolism General University in Prague.


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