Lekarna.cz starts project called Eshopista

Prague, April 22,  2014 – the first part of a panel discussion Eshopista is devoted to the way of the first online pharmacy lekarna.cz to the top of Czech e-commerce in the segment of OTC drugs, dietary supplements, medical cosmetics and medical devices. Pavel Hrstka from the company Pears Health Cyber ​​as the first host of the project will present the story of online pharmacy that was established 11 years ago based on the idea of ​​opening the pharmacy to the public. „We taught the Czechs to shop on the internet other things than a range of electronics. We were the first e-commerce business on Czech internet that started selling OTC drugs and dietary supplements, „he says.

But Pavel Hrstka will tell the story till the end, beginning with the moment when in the tenth year of its existence lekarna.cz lost the opportunity to advertise in AdWords, which represents for every e-shop a huge loss of opportunity and turnover. About marketing activities that replaced the lekarna.cz´s quarter loss in turnover will be the panel discussion in Eshopista on Thursday, April 24, 2014 from 3 p.m.

Why is lekarna.cz now so successful? „I am proud of our logistics. I´ve been convinced for many years that good e-shop is made by a good logistics. We have very little uncollected shipments and that is indicating a good cooperation with our customers. If our customers want to call us they do not find it difficult to reach us. But we don´t only wait for them to call, we take the action and contact our customers directly. Our customers are excited about this proactive approach, „said event organizer Pavel Hrstka. He was the director of lekarna.cz until 2013, after 10 years of successful operation of the first and largest online pharmacy, he handed the proceedings over to Karel Klodner. Now he focuses on the key areas of Business Development (the position of Head of Business Development) at Pears Health Cyber​​ that runs the e-shop .

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