Lekarna.cz: The new logistic hall is customized to the need of a quick dispatch of consignments

Chrudim, Oct 2, 2013 As a gift for 10th anniversary of lekarna.cz there is a new reconstructed logistic hall that perfectly fits the need of a quick dispatch of orders of OTC drugs, drugstore goods and cosmetics. For all those 10 years lekarna.cz has been a number one on a market (there is approximately 158 online stores specialized on OTC drugs). This new place along with a new modern way of packaging the consignments was today shown to suppliers representatives and business partners.

„Ten years ago I believed that patients will not only want the drugs prescribed to them but will become a part of a decision-making process and would like to choose for themselves. Using internet was the easiest way to get all they needed close to them. It was a visionary idea that time, but today we have almost 800.000 customers every month. At the beginning we had only 3 shelves to store the goods in our office, today we have about 1300m2 to store. Ten years ago we were carrying orders to a post office in a plastic bags to be delivered, today we load two trucks every day“, says PharmDr. Vladimi­r Finsterle, the only owner of Pears Health Cyber company, that runs the online store lekarna.cz.

Logistics has always been a crucial point of success customers get their orders the next day or they can pick it up in one of the 34 distribution places all over the Czech Republic. To follow the latest trend for a quick delivery we have improved rear storage area and hardware. Now we have 56% more space in storage area 1050m2 is designed for storing, goods receipt, dispatch department, server room and internet pharmacy dispensing, the rest of it are facilities and commercial space of lekarna.cz. Technical equipment includes 2 servers, 18 computers, 13 mobile terminals, 16 barcode readers, 14 printers, 11 cameras and over 1000m of wires.

Lekarna.cz has invested in the reconstructing over a million CZK to fit its needs, the packaging system is considered very unique. Not only was the size of the hall important, but also building insulation. It helps to keep the temperature stabile and allows energy savings. “With investment in maintenance-free LED lights, we expect annual savings of up to 90 000 CZK”, says V. Finsterle.

The new campus located in an industrial area on the outskirts of Chrudim is now easily accessible to suppliers and transporters.


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